Thursday, May 22, 2014

Using eduClipper

Initially, I saw as a way to curate information for students working on projects in my Scientific Research and Design (SRD) class. I have found that providing examples that I deem useful helps the students in their search to find more information on the topic

My students are completing their Six Flags Challenge, where they design and perform a lab on a ride at the local amusement park. I used eduClipper to collect some videos and information on a few of the rides. I was hoping that they could easily use the board as sources or inspiration for their video lab reports that are due at the end of next week. Also, I was looking for an easy way for students to share their videos, pictures and data to assist each other in the challenge.

After some struggle, I was able to figure out how to manipulate the clips and boards. While it was not intuitive, it was not difficult. I embedded the board in our district learning management system with ease, but was disappointed to find out that each student would need to set up an account and log in to see the board.  If the learning management system was not in place, and I wanted a controlled place to set up flipped  lessons for my students, this would be a contender as a useful tool. 

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  1. Thanks, Katie. I appreciate your honest reflection about the process and the tool.