Monday, January 12, 2015

Flipcon TX - A Weekend Full of Connecting and Energizing

On of the best ways to get unstuck from any educational rut is to find some enthusiastic, innovative educators and spend a weekend with them sharing and learning. Allen ISD just hosted a regional Flipcon with Flipped Learning. It was crazy getting things ready for the two day event. Friday’s schedule was class visits, student panel and then the keynote. Saturday was made up of three sessions and a reflection.

Class visits were amazing. I am so proud of my colleagues and their hard work. We were able to show English, Physics, Chemistry, Algebra 2, AP World History, Government, ASL and Anatomy and Physiology. Each of the teachers had a different style and used flipped learning tools in unique ways. ASL uses student recordings to show learning and teacher recordings for reference and missed work. Government, World History and English used flipped tools when it makes sense. They deliver basic information that will be used in class for activities. Algebra is basic flip. Physics and Chemistry are fully flipped. Some Chemistry is moving towards mastery and Anatomy and Physiology are in their second year of flipped mastery. The touring teachers were engaged in the learning, often more so than the actual students. They asked questions, observed and more importantly made connections with what they had envisioned. The variety was a helpful reminder to our visitors that there are many ways to use flipping to help students learn. Since seeing is believing, visiting classes that are amazing should help teachers see how to get their flipped classes started. 

The student panel was incredible. It seems that flipped learning, when done correctly, is beneficial for all types of student. Students like having control of the content delivery time and place as well as frequency. They like having the help in class and the ability to really work with the information they have. They don’t like long videos and miss the ability to interact with the instructor while the content is being delivered. They did agree that the trade off to get a teacher’s help with the tougher stuff was a good idea. Flipped learning had made a difference in the ease of learning for chemistry, physics and algebra. They would encourage teachers to give it a try. Their honesty describing challenges and experiences would inspire anyone to keep trying to make the classroom a better place. 

Jon Bergman and Aaron Sams were the keynote speakers. They were inspirational and entertaining as they shared their thought on what makes learning better for students. Their journey is a good model for many and understanding how and why they started makes it easier to jump in and try the method. Even though I have had the privileged of hearing them a number of times, I always come away energized and ready for more hard work.

Sadly, I was not able to attend sessions since I presented twice on Saturday. I can say that the attendees were enthusiastic and wanted to do something to change the environment in the class. The folks were friendly. We had lots of great conversations during and between sessions. I hope they all went home brains stuffed full of new ideas. Having attended Flipcons during summer, much of the atmosphere was present at our regional conference. It was much smaller, but I can see it growing in the future. I hope it does. I could use a refueling station available during the year.


  1. Excellent, thanks for sharing Katie. I was hoping for a report from this event and now I have it. Is there a recording of the student panel? I would be very interested in seeing that and definitely am planning to organize one at an upcoming local conference here.

    1. We wish we had recorded it from the start. It was truly amazing.

  2. I wish Texas wasn't so far away. After having met so many of you FlipCon14, I would have loved to visit and see you all and your classes. PD during the year definitely is a way to get unstuck. Does PA have such an event? Will have to look into it!

  3. I wish we could have been there! Sounds really amazing. I love that students' voices were included alongside the teachers and "experts."