Monday, August 24, 2015

Flipping Parents to Your Side (#flipclass flashblog)

I am going to short cut this blog and provide some resources that I have created, or helped create, to help get parents to be your partners as you work to innovate your classroom.

Lanier's Class Introduction video

Engaging Parents in Flipped Learning

More Tips to Engage Parent

Remember if you are new and this is new to your campus or district you can not over communicate. Do not use educbabble, use clear language to ensure parents that you are doing something that will benefit their student. 


  1. Katie,

    Great post. I agree any class (not only the flipped ones) are better if you count with the parental support. :)

    I would love to chat with you to learn other best practices of your flipped class. If you have 15min it would be fantastic! My email is (I'm one of the founders of EDpuzzle, but I promise I won't sell you anything, I'm just trying to learn).

  2. Thanks, sorry the start of school has been busy. I would be happy to chat. I will email you shortly.