Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's A New Year - Here Come More Flipping Change #flipblogs

Students arrive on Monday, but for the second year, I will not have a classroom. Last year I was an instructional coach. My goal as an instructional coach was to offer more flipped professional development sessions and struggle with the adult learner version of the question ‘what will I do if they don’t watch the video?’ This year my role will be different again. I will be involved less in the curriculum and instruction side of education, but I still see a role for the things I have learned from flipping my classroom. In fact, I think the pillars of flipped learning still apply.

F – Flexible Environment

Flexible Environment in my new role will be less about the actual room and more about preparation and follow through. My success will hinge on the ability to provide different modes for communicating information as needed. It will also require monitoring and adjusting. Instead of students it will be processes and results that will be monitored.

L – Learning Culture

I imagine that with communication being key and providing information and ensuring understanding a must for success the importance of Learning Culture could be similar to a classroom that is using an in-class flip that is just-in-time teaching. Providing information that is meaningful and does not depend my actual presence to access the information should prove helpful.

I – Intentional Content

Efficiency is a must and, like a classroom, there is not time for busy work. I am certain the people I am working with would agree that Intentional Content is necessary to keep those involved in the process informed and engaged. Any information I provide or processes I use must be relevant and accessible to all levels of understanding and ability.

P – Professional Educator

This one is a bit of a stretch since I am not working with students any longer and except for some professional development, I do not know how much real teaching I will do. Some would question if the Professional Educator is part of my new role. But, I will be educating people as we work through processes. There will also be data to evaluate and refection to be done.

So, no more students, no more classroom, but those things that make a flipped teacher an excellent teacher will still apply in a different setting with some tweaks. I’ll have to start down this new road and see what really works. 

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